Gioti, Artemi-Maria. 2020. "From Artificial to Extended Intelligence in Music Composition". Organised Sound 25 (1): 25-32.

ABSTRACT: This article explores the relationship and disparities between human and computational creativity by addressing the following questions: How well are computational creativity systems currently performing at creative tasks? Could computers outperform human composers? And, if not, is computational creativity a utopia? Automatic composition systems are examined with respect to Boden's three criteria of creativity (novelty, surprise and value), as well as their assumptions about the nature of creativity. As an alternative to a competitive relationship between human and computational creativity, the article proposes the concept of a distributed human-computer co-creativity, in which computational creativity extends - rather than replaces - human creativity, by expanding the space of creative possibilities.

Gioti, Artemi-Maria. 2019. "Imitation Game: Real-Time Decision-making in an Interactive Composition for Human and Robotic Percussionist". In Proceedings of the 2019 International Computer Music Conference, New York.

ABSTRACT: This paper describes an interactive composition for human and robotic percussionist exploring decision-making processes in the context of composed interaction scenarios. The composition is based on a dynamic form, shaped by decisions made by the musician and the robotic percussionist in real-time. Using a Neural Network trained to recognize different instruments and playing techniques, the robotic percussionist makes long-term decisions based on metrics of musical contrast. Similarly, the musician interprets a non-linear score, consisting of algorithmic instructions, which enables him/her to interact with the robotic percussionist in real-time. The paper describes various components of the system, including the auditory processing and decision-making stage and introduces a framework for artistic experimentation borrowing evaluation methods from human-computer improvisation. [pdf]