GIOTI, A. M. (2019) "Imitation Game: Real-Time Decision-making in an Interactive Composition for Human and Robotic Percussionist". In: Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference 2019, New York.

ABSTRACT: This paper describes an interactive composition for human and robotic percussionist exploring decision-making processes in the context of composed interaction scenarios. The composition is based on a dynamic form, shaped by decisions made by the musician and the robotic percussionist in real-time. Using a Neural Network trained to recognize different instruments and playing techniques, the robotic percussionist makes long-term decisions based on metrics of musical contrast. Similarly, the musician interprets a non-linear score, consisting of algorithmic instructions, which enables him/her to interact with the robotic percussionist in real-time. The paper describes various components of the system, including the auditory processing and decision-making stage and introduces a framework for artistic experimentation borrowing evaluation methods from human-computer improvisation. [pdf]